Thursday, November 1, 2007


I will try it. I missed the hundred things in a hundred posts. I didn't know about that until 132.

Embarrassing teacher moment--family steps up to the table all decked out for
Halloween, they were picking up report cards and I was helping pass
them out. One boy had a very clever costume even including a partially
missing arm, it looked pretty realistic, I was impressed. I said "WOW!
What a great costume! Where's your real arm?" I was sure I could see it
beneath his baggy sweatshirt. He wiggled the stump of his truly missing
arm at me and laughed. To make matters worse I once again said "Wow!
That works out really great for Halloween." "Yes." he replied, I get to
be darth ......who got his arm cut off." The only thing I can say is he
had a really good spirit about it and seemed to take my stumbling
stupidity rather well. Or maybe he actually enjoyed my thinking it was
a fake arm.........was my face red.

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