Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Bad Link

Got a tip I had a bad link over there on the right. I checked and I had several bad links. My bad, OK, OK, my badness. I have taken on some of the middle school slang. oops. And I exercise with an English teacher, sorry A. I think I have made adjustments and tested the links and they work now. I must have had a few extra characters or something.

Great exercise class tonight, even though I was having a hitch in my back all day. We did something new with a medicine ball. Only two of us showed up so we had this intense tossing of the ball standing sideways to each other and about 6 or 8 feet apart, however wide a keyhole is on a basketball court. A got me in the knee a couple of times, but it was mostly good throws and catches. Oh, and our elbows were tight to our bodies on our twist and throw. Wait until Saturday, it will set in. That doesn't count all the crunches and crunches and crunches and planks. I simply cannot do side planks and I am really doing a downward dog on the other---but it is all so much better than it was when I started a year and a half ago. My core is definitely stabilizing.

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