Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now I know

what it is like to be driven to write on the blog. Molly Ivins died today. A grand, astute and hilarious journalist who tried to keep us up to date on the ins and outs of dubya. What a loss to us all, goodbye Molly. I feel like I lost someone I knew. Loved her books, her columns, her humor.

Maybe it's a diary..

In-service day today-- kids were wired up and agitated and the meeting was good. Our art consultant was snowed in up north so we ended up having conversations about art. I was determined to come home today, shower, climb into jammies and spend the rest of the day cozy and warm. I may even watch the entire Oprah show.....hope she has a good guest. Now I understand exactly why my blogger daughters don't write every single day. What pressure. Be assured, I am having very deep thoughts, just not when I am sitting here!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


A post on weather? How low can you go. It's cold, damned cold and it's going to be damned cold tomorrow! We trekked out across the windy prairie on Sunday to see the precious one-- the blue-eyed one. He shivers with joy when he sees us, and we shiver with joy when we see him. Imagine his surprise when grampa came home from the sugar shack empty-handed. "Doughnuts?" he questioned. Parental permission was given and the boxes from Krispee Kreme came rolling in. Grandson had already been primed with yogurt and other nutritious foods so the pure white flour and sugar wouldn't take too big a toll on him. I have his photo on the blackboard at school with his chocolate goatee (like dad's) and the look of pure bliss from his second birthday.
Do I have to stay on a certain topic? I stumbled across the red scarf project in my reading of blogs, a wonderful project making red winter scarves for college students who have aged out of the system. These are distributed to them for Valentine's Day. I missed the boat on getting my scarf finished in time, (and it was UGLY)but I am working on one for next year already. I am a very new knitter so there probably will not be photos and advice here, but when I learn how, I will link to some really cool knitting blogs.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sister's Kitchen

sun through the jalousies
drops of cows milk on the table
a few cheerios
feet swinging, ponytail yanked back
off to the creek until noon

first time poster long time fan

I have been reading blogs for several years and each of my children blogs. I find myself really nervous to even write a post, I may be boring. It took me a full year just to come up with a title. I teach, read, paint, and am a new knitter. I am just going to post this so I will have it out of the way, and hope I can find my way back.