Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sitting in the Hospital Today--Not Too Worried

Larry has been suffering from drop foot since at least early last spring, I noticed something much earlier, a slapping sound, his tripping over very very small things. By the time his mother's funeral took place and he was tripping and nearly falling several times, even he had to admit something was not right. He began a round of doctor's appointments, spinal shots, MRI's It has come down to the tight leg muscles gripping the nerve so tightly that it is doing this damage. The orthopedic surgeon who assists in this surgery to make sure there is nothing orthopedic going on in the knee, says their results are good, but May to November is a long time to wait. The damage could possibly be permanent. Dr. B said there are a surprising number of misdiagnosis in this area and most docs just chalk it up to degeneration of the nerve but that it can be addressed and possibly cured. He also said the improvement can take as long as a year, like any neurological event. Larry is in good hands, both of these docs are top notch. Did I say they are going to start publishing about this condition? There is not much in the world literature on this.