Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dog Wrestling is not My Sport

The dog wrapped herself around a little tree and I was hoping DH would get home to extricate her. She wrapped tighter and tighter. I did not want to save her, she is rough and untrained and I knew it would be hell. It was, but I got it done, it took 25 minutes, creeping across the dark yard wondering when I would step in a dog pothole and break my ankle. I made it though, and spent the rest of the time trying to unwind her while she was trying to play with me. I put her on her side a couple of times and that worked temporarily. I made it in scratched, toothed, clawed, but unbroken. Well, OK, there's a little tiny bit of blood, but I have had worse. Suffice it to say I am not a happy camper. Some of you may remember I made a little pledge to myself that Yoshi would be the last pet. Even a live mouse on the kitchen stove has not changed that. That mouse, slowed a little, I am sure, by ingestion of poison, is sitting under a cup on the kitchen floor awaiting its fate. Did you know even a slightly groggy mouse can jump pretty far off the stove, but the jump must have stunned it a little as I set a cup on top of it and there it stays. I'd let the dog take care of it, but I am afraid the mouse poison would upset her tummy. OOH I really stink now, smell a lot like a dog. Can't stand myself so as soon as the dishwasher stops, it is into the shower for me. While I was out there, I could see the headline, woman draped over dwarf crab apple tree, dead. I have imagined worse for myself!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knitting Rampage

Hats are falling off my needles for a little art and craft sale in Chicago, I had yarn to make the preschooler a sweater in his Mom's school colors, but she is long graduated and into the work force, so the colors are for Chicago Bears. Think that would sell in Chicago? Next I am going to see how many little newborn soft fuzzy hats I can make and call it a day. I have hatted all but two of the babies to be born to teachers in my building this year, including a set of twins coming in a month so I am getting pretty good at that. It helps that I have a student teacher right now and she is getting ready to be totally in charge as of tomorrow and has taken 4 of the six classes over in the past two weeks. I have made my closet/office more orderly so I started knitting, covered one on-site, oooh how I hate covering on-site. By the way, the preschooler requested a purple hate so I did that and put a red stripe in it.

I am now going to recommend a therapeutic sock. My doc told me to trek to a small southern town to a mom and pop drugstore to get Truform therapeutic stocking as my feet and ankles have been swelling during the work day, and, by god, they work like a charm. the are compression socks that look great. Thanks to my great feet, I am in a men's sock, nothing new to me, and it goes right up to my knee, for a six footer that almost requires getting out the culottes and calling them knee socks and really going back to 1969! Maybe next year,

Twittering has really cut into this forum for me, not used to writing lots any more, too much fun twittering. I am thinking this may turn into a post-bariatric surgery and weight loss blog for a while. I am scheduled for surgery and very happy about it, already looking forward to a May event in Chicago and walking briskly down the street instead of whining and looking for benches on which to sit and bend my knees. More about that later, in the new year.

It Meant Something

My vote counted this year, my state was not thrown into the trash heap, and I am very very happy about that. Now to see if one man and his team can repair and move this country forward.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Voted Today

And I sure as hell hope it means something.

Remember the Time

Remember the time Bob got a birthday present for MY birthday?
no one does
Remember the time I lost my tooth in the truck and the tooth fairy found it anyway?
no one does
Remember the time we all went on that ice and didn't fall through and freeze or drown?
maybe someone does
Remember the time we had measles, the stinky kind and stayed in town in a dark room at mamaws?
no one does
Remember Dad picking us up in a semi and Bob pushing that curious little button?
someone does
Remember how the truck jumped forward?
I do
Remember how we cut saplings and built a cabin about two feet tall in the woods?
someone does
Remember Mammie lining us up to be switched as we came through the gate?
someone does
Remember taking care of the new baby sister when mom was so sick?
I do
Remember that it was two weeks with a 12 year old caring for a sick mom and 5 siblings?
no one does, not even me
Remember Rick having a siezure that went on for hours?
I do
Remember the layout of Lewis's General Store?
I do
Remember all the elementary schools I went to?
no one does
Remember the time we took a shortcut through the woods and were lost for hours with a toddler?
two do
but not the toddler
Remember taking little baby corn with its silks and making them dolls?
two do
Remember how bad our chicken pox was?
no one does
Well, I remember everything but the chicken pox and the elementary schools, I lost track