Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Barely Post

This is the second year school has been so rugged. I have figured some things out, but really resent that feeling of being pushed out. It makes me want to dig my heels in and practice a really honest really pissy retirement speech!  I think I understand why now, but I won't say until it's over. Not the way I want to leave my beloved profession. Paranoia leaks over to the blog, and I am not brave with my voice. Coming soon, a new right knee joint, which I hope will make me a much more active adult and grand parent as pain has prevented me from doing things I want for so long I cannot remember-- much longer than I would admit.

Already done: cataract surgery and new vision becoming better every day. I am now wearing readers again and that may be what I end up needing. The surgery and the surgeon were very easy. I took 3 days for each eye, but felt like a malingerer after day 2. I do not miss school easily. This year it changes. This surgery is fascinating as is its history. I have asked many questions about this and learned a lot. One thing I noticed is I do not have really good camera focusing vision right now-- distance is fabulous- but mid range is not- I would have done a better job on the DeVivo family photos if I had two more bad jokes and realized the boys needed to be standing higher or the parents sitting lower! It's a tall family! My phone shots were better, but they take no talent at all!

I was very upset when the ortho surgeon changed my date AGAIN! I think the anxiety from all this gave me some stomach pain and I was afraid my #WLS surgery was having issues after nearly 6 years. Nope, good old nervous stomach trying to revisit after 40 years. I will now have to miss an entire month of school instead of 3 weeks. I have to take a day off school for a joint surgery class and another day for a skin check., There must be no bruise or blemish on the knees or the surgery will be cancelled AGAIN! I might have to retire to get this done!

This is definitely an old lady post, see above.

I tried to introduce graffiti in my 8th grade- big hit-- see now that's now old lady! I may work on it while I am recovering!