Monday, January 26, 2015

The New Knee: again

I had my second to last physical therapy today, I met all the goals except for the 120 degrees. I have made it to 117 degrees several times. The knee feels mostly normal at work and I can walk pretty fast. The other knee is the one that hurts so I am ready to schedule it for June. I will discuss that tomorrow at my orthopedic follow up. I am ready to exercise and get going and ready for more traumatic surgery and recovery. I barely think about it at work, though at night I am tired and want to elevate it and rest it. The swelling is tremendously lessened over the past few weeks, and sometimes the scar looks pretty good. I know someday it will be a thin white line, right now I don't want to "wear it out in public". My posture is so much better since I am in less pain. I can walk up and downstairs and it feels completely normal. This post is mostly for my brother Rick. OH, and funny thing, I dreamed last week that I ran, naturally and comfortably. I will not be running, but I did enjoy it in my dream!