Sunday, April 15, 2012

Annual Student Art Show

Yesterday was a dark and stormy day, that did not prevent the crowds from coming to the museum for the reception and opening of the annual show. My kids' work looked great, oops, I forgot to take pictures. What kind of a teacher am I anyway? The Sheldon Swope museum always does a wonderful job of hanging the art. High school seemed a little low on 3-D this year. This show has gone from being a Vigo county only show to a show of at least 3 counties, if not 4. My students feed into South and 6 of the 13 South High School pieces were from former students of mine. Am I proud? Yes, I am. I do not usually say things like this, but one piece of middle school art was embarrassingly bad, I would never show it-- another teacher suggested it was special ed. I asked her to choose the special ed students' work from mine-- she could not. HAH. Neither could I! I had to come home and look to see that 3 of my pieces come from a variety of special ed students. One student is autistic, 2 others are L.D., which, honestly, I hardly even think of as special anymore.

Afterwards I went with 2 of my elementary art teacher friends to the corner coffee shop where we sat and talked for 3 hours! Every possible topic was covered. Other tables of art teachers would cycle in and out while we were there. Thanks, Boo, for the convenient meeting place.

I came home started chilling and burning up with fever, went to bed for a few hours, the fever broke and now I am fairly OK-- I may just have a little touch of bronchitis again. grr. At any rate, a bit of a cough in my chest but no further fever.