Saturday, July 16, 2016

Starting Retirement

Yesterday my first pension check went into my account, followed by my social security check. That makes retirement more real. I am spending this summer exercising, socializing and making room for myself in this house. I am also making this house water and weather tight. I have had reasons to feel really good about the new roof already this summer. We have had massive downpours and leaking would definitely have occurred. Next week is the next big thing.

My new knees have done a Yeoman's job of the making room part AND the exercising part! I am getting stronger every single day! I won't know until August how my psyche will really feel, but right now I am having a rather nice summer vacation. If I weren't retired I'd already be looking forward to going back to school.

I am organizing the art supplies I have been stockpiling for this retirement thing and making a space that doesn't embarrass me to have daughters and grands over. It's all good.