Sunday, March 4, 2012

Haven't Posted in Months

Larry is recovering from the nerve surgery on his leg at a much better rate than we hoped. He completed rehab for a time and will do it again when the leg is stronger and more nerve has regenerated. I am letting Pinterest and Words with Friends take the time I should be using on other things, like reading and art! Twitter and Facebook have replaced blogging, sad but true.

This has been a hard grading period with an unruly and so far untamed 6th grade! I have selected my pieces for the student art show and I am proud of the work. This year I am featuring more 8th graders. I have also hung art in 3 major hallways-- Things are looking really bright. A visitor told me how much she liked all the art hanging. I hung the trophy heads and dragon heads in the cafeteria in the very first grading period and they are still up, so I have also taken over the cafeteria! I did take one down to put in the student show.

High stakes testing starts tomorrow and we have high stakes nerves with the climate in the nation and the active work of our governor against teachers and education-- maybe it isn't so much against education as it is thinking children are widgets to be processed by automatons and turned out on a conveyor belt with no defects. Our principal and assistant principal are stretched thin between our school and a closing school and I will finally admit, it is rough going. Next year should be better for all of us.

My WLS health is good, vitamins are good and I have passed the 3 year mark following surgery. I cannot believe it has passed so quickly, I am pretty sure my body would have given out and I would have been forced to retire if I had not made the choice I did. After much reading, the only thing I would do differently is select Vertical Sleeve instead of RNY for the malabsorption issues.