Saturday, March 22, 2008

And Today is not Beautiful

It is cold, overcast and bleak looking, but I am meeting my yaya cousin at her daughter's for a gathering of cousins and little cousins and baby cousins -- a possible 4 generations and I am the oldest one there! just thought of that. I'm the yaya! From there I am going to give daughter and son-in-law a break from their miserable week of illness to go out like grownups do. Then I think DH and sister-in-law will join us tomorrow. This is happening in the ether, so none of it is set except my part. I know what I'm doing, do you?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is Beautiful

Why am I typing instead of lunging? I forgot my shoes. I could have made it, but I didn't, and I knew I wouldn't. I had an exhausting but wonderful day. The 6th graders are up to their elbows in the cloth and white glue portion of their little sculptures and the 8th graders are up to their elbows in clay. The high school teachers came today to judge the 3 piece portfolios that students show to get into the summer art program. Those teachers actually came around to my room for the first time, asked me quite a few questions, took photos of some works, wanted to know how I did some things. I felt I am really doing something. Maybe it is just that they have a new person in charge and she has added visiting with the art teacher to their system. I don't know but I liked it, a lot. Thanks peers. Of course what with all the "up to the elbows projects" the room was an even bigger mess than usual, and some of my readers, all three of you, can tell that is nothing new!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ok, I'm up

Had a nice session of IM'ing with oldest granddaughter last night, she is on her last day of Spring break, but I won the competition of who gets out of school first! She loved To Kill a Mockingbird and also reads Scott Westerfield and is going to get So Yesterday at the library. There Leah. So, Jen, on the strength of your childhood reading, I suggested she try Les Miserables-- she is going to get it, too. A girl after the reader's heart. From this blog dashboard I discovered a blog called peoplereading-- amazing, she photographs and talks to people who are reading in public each day. What a bibliography.

Snippets--Rick, the rags are in the mail. Notice, plural. I decided to crochet some and they just fall off the needle like leaves on a tree in November. I kept one for myself, I haven't tried the texture yet on dishes. Let me know if you get yours wet before I do and you can share with Kathy, too. It was just too much to as of my weak mailing ability to find another envelope and get two items to the PO ;^)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sorry for the Gap

My students are doing so well and working so nicely on their value
studies, torn paper self-portrait in 6 values from white to black, that
I am a little at loose ends for a few minutes.

Brother report, he is still hanging in there, he was supposed to expire in a few days, but somehow his determined holistic
wife has managed to keep him alive. She did say to me that she screams
and yells at him that he is not going to leave her, I don't know if
that is true or not. She is tryingzeolite, juicing, she tried greens, but it
was too much for his system. The veteran's administration has not yet
delivered his hospital bed or gel pad so sleep has been very very
difficult. Are they tryng to out wait him? Hospice only comes once
every two weeks and they brought him some kind of egg crate pad to help
with the lying in bed. The "road" to their house is so bad theycannot come every day.

Last weekend the preschooler accompanied his mom to our house and we all had
a great time. He got the best night of sleep he ever gotten at our house
and even slept in. We went to our fabulous public park playground and had a super time. He was so exhausted by the play that they went straight on home, which is a two hour drive, and he slept most of the way. This is a child who does not sleep easily in the car. He tried out his new skutt balance bike and he is not pleased with it, but I am sure that once he masters it, he will love it.