Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is Beautiful

Why am I typing instead of lunging? I forgot my shoes. I could have made it, but I didn't, and I knew I wouldn't. I had an exhausting but wonderful day. The 6th graders are up to their elbows in the cloth and white glue portion of their little sculptures and the 8th graders are up to their elbows in clay. The high school teachers came today to judge the 3 piece portfolios that students show to get into the summer art program. Those teachers actually came around to my room for the first time, asked me quite a few questions, took photos of some works, wanted to know how I did some things. I felt I am really doing something. Maybe it is just that they have a new person in charge and she has added visiting with the art teacher to their system. I don't know but I liked it, a lot. Thanks peers. Of course what with all the "up to the elbows projects" the room was an even bigger mess than usual, and some of my readers, all three of you, can tell that is nothing new!

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