Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ok, I'm up

Had a nice session of IM'ing with oldest granddaughter last night, she is on her last day of Spring break, but I won the competition of who gets out of school first! She loved To Kill a Mockingbird and also reads Scott Westerfield and is going to get So Yesterday at the library. There Leah. So, Jen, on the strength of your childhood reading, I suggested she try Les Miserables-- she is going to get it, too. A girl after the reader's heart. From this blog dashboard I discovered a blog called peoplereading-- amazing, she photographs and talks to people who are reading in public each day. What a bibliography.

Snippets--Rick, the rags are in the mail. Notice, plural. I decided to crochet some and they just fall off the needle like leaves on a tree in November. I kept one for myself, I haven't tried the texture yet on dishes. Let me know if you get yours wet before I do and you can share with Kathy, too. It was just too much to as of my weak mailing ability to find another envelope and get two items to the PO ;^)

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