Friday, March 14, 2008

Sorry for the Gap

My students are doing so well and working so nicely on their value
studies, torn paper self-portrait in 6 values from white to black, that
I am a little at loose ends for a few minutes.

Brother report, he is still hanging in there, he was supposed to expire in a few days, but somehow his determined holistic
wife has managed to keep him alive. She did say to me that she screams
and yells at him that he is not going to leave her, I don't know if
that is true or not. She is tryingzeolite, juicing, she tried greens, but it
was too much for his system. The veteran's administration has not yet
delivered his hospital bed or gel pad so sleep has been very very
difficult. Are they tryng to out wait him? Hospice only comes once
every two weeks and they brought him some kind of egg crate pad to help
with the lying in bed. The "road" to their house is so bad theycannot come every day.

Last weekend the preschooler accompanied his mom to our house and we all had
a great time. He got the best night of sleep he ever gotten at our house
and even slept in. We went to our fabulous public park playground and had a super time. He was so exhausted by the play that they went straight on home, which is a two hour drive, and he slept most of the way. This is a child who does not sleep easily in the car. He tried out his new skutt balance bike and he is not pleased with it, but I am sure that once he masters it, he will love it.

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