Saturday, March 22, 2008

And Today is not Beautiful

It is cold, overcast and bleak looking, but I am meeting my yaya cousin at her daughter's for a gathering of cousins and little cousins and baby cousins -- a possible 4 generations and I am the oldest one there! just thought of that. I'm the yaya! From there I am going to give daughter and son-in-law a break from their miserable week of illness to go out like grownups do. Then I think DH and sister-in-law will join us tomorrow. This is happening in the ether, so none of it is set except my part. I know what I'm doing, do you?

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RickAH said...

I had tried to post to your blog last week, but it didn't go through. This dish cloth has been bleached for sanitation, but I really like the more pastel colors. Making them with strong colors to start with is really a very good idea for something like this.