Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It Isn't Beautiful Today Either

However, I was determined to live as if spring has sprung so I wore pedal pushers (you can tell my age from that) t-shirt, light sweater, sandals, no socks to my Docs appointment. After all in was my knees being examined, they should be out there! A winter coat would have been nice. He was a rheumatologist, not an orthopedist. A kinder gentler doctor I have never met. He is sure (but I had about 6 tubes of blood removed to be studied) that is is osteoarthritis mainly in the knees feet, ankles, that the rooster comb stuff will be good for me to try and I am no where near surgery. Once he gets the precert done, I can start getting the injections, and yes family doc, he does them himself, not his nurse. I plan, at the end of the 5 weeks when my knees are well lubed and I can walk more than a block to go to Chicago and visit Chicago daughter. I expect to be able to walk to the coffee shop without whining. Or even to hike half a mile to the parking meter to keep the car legal without whining about that either.

At any rate, I went down to hobby lobby and spent way too much for nothing necessary, but it was 50% off!

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