Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All About the Pressure

Yesterday I felt like a dishrag all day, a dishrag with aching parts I
didn't even know existed. I am some better today the theBP was better
yesterday, maybe just too much too soon. I skipped exercise and went on
home and cuddled up with some books and a comforter and went to sleep
pretty early to LaurieFeist gently rocking in the living room. This
deal of having nothing for my arthritis really sucks, but that may have
been what spiked the pressure so high in the second place. I must
always put weight in the first place. I opened the kiln and all is
well, the pieces are a little too warm to pick up yet, but at least
they will be complete before the grading period ends.

My bike is ride ready, and yesterday was beautiful, but I literally couldn't get this body in gear for anything after school, so maybe today or tomorrow if the rain takes a break.

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