Friday, April 18, 2008

First Knee Injections

I was so relieved at the painlessness that my eyes teared up. Giddy with relief.

About 20 minutes ago we had an earthquake of 5.4 magnitude. Something upstairs in Jen's room fell and broke. We have never had anything break and this is the first time I realized what it was before it was over. I heard a rattle, an annoying little rattle and when the couch started to sway, I knew this time, then glass fell and broke. Exciting beginning to the day, Friday, and I am glad it is Friday also.

Our little middle school with a 75% poverty rate raised nearly $4000 dollars for Walkamania, or our school's Walk for Babies, formerly March of Dimes. Wow! I am always impressed with this. Their prize is to be outside all day and yesterday was a near perfect day.

Well, gotta go, it's my weekly pre-school breakfast with friends. We work in the same building, but rarely see each other so we have breakfast on Fridays all school year.

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