Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Cool Gray Day

I just got back from loading the kiln, there was one piece that I couldn't fit in --well, if I unloaded to the very bottom I might be able to get it in.... I am now drying clay at about 200 degrees for a couple of days. I have had a whole week off and yet some of the pieces were still overwrapped and very wet. Rogier Donker taught me how to deal with that so I have never had an explosion yet--of clay.

The medical week in review: well, my medical week in review. You can tell you are getting there when your spring break is used up with your doc's appointments! First the rheumatologist and I am starting the rooster comb injections on the 17th. My family doc had to take me off the daypro cause my blood pressure went sky high-- 200/110.... she gave me a diuretic, doubled my beta blocker changed the calcium channel blocker and today I was already 139/76-- it should ease up more now that I think I am out of stroke range. She did say that she could tell from my low triglycerides that I was doing what I could dietarily-- of course, not to lose weight, there is the crux of the matter. So now it will be a statin, too. deleted expletive here. fill in the one of your choice. This afternoon it is something for me, therapeutic deep muscle massage. Hooray!

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