Saturday, April 19, 2008


Synvisc is the name of the injections I am getting in my knees, I am having a series of five. I really was hoping for improvement right away but I was also trying not to read too much into what I was feeling. By noon, there was not doubt about it, I was better. I was, once again, gliding around my classroom, not looking for reasons to stay put, I was standing taller in the hall and I was able to walk down the hall at a normal speed instead of kind of clenched over doing my imitation of a grumpy bear. I lasted almost all the way through our bizarre afternoon of handling the aftershocks before some of the past two weeks of pain slipped back in. I'd say, without a doubt, I am responding to this medication. I was even talking more from the release from much of my pain. I think all the back stuff was coming from my horrible posture as I tried to keep moving....... Hey, you can really tell I am over the hill with this discussion of aches and pains, but this stuff works, or it is working for me.

Now maybe I can smell the flowers!

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