Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen

Flesor’s, in downtown Tuscola IL just did the most amazing bit of customer service ever.  I was talking on their FB about what a wonderful place it is for lunch and for treats and how Henry desires their incredible gigantic chocolate chocolate Easter eggs.  We had a back and forth IM like thing going.  Suffice it to say, Henry is getting one of the giant eggs in his Christmas stocking.  The people who own and staff the candy kitchen are so kid friendly when you are there, even with a cranky 5 year old who needs fuel but doesn’t recognize it and now this.  I am putting this right here so if you accidentally find my site, you will know how fabulous the candy kitchen is.  Do not go from the mall to denny’s go to Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, and while I am at it, their authentic gyro is the best ever, and worthy of a photograph before you bite into it.  They also put on an incredible luncheon for those very special mothers’ and fathers’ days.  Get thee to Tuscola IL for a gem of a place to eat and treat.