Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Painted a Snowplow Blade

I heard the temperature was dropping markedly today and the paint had arrived. I went out to do my simple strong design and left my students with another teacher. I had to call back in for student help and got a great helper. Crunching my 6ft long overweight body under a snow blade in the wind is quite something, I was having trouble taping my paper on it without another set of hands. S came out and saved the day for me. The whole thing was done in about 45 minutes and I was on time to my meeting. I was a mess, though, grass on my behind, paint on my hands, I got most of it off with thinner. If you ever find yourself in need of painting a snowplow blade on a county truck, One Time sign painter's paint really does go on in one coat and it covered really bright safety yellow just like that. Picture me sitting out in the grass, trying to pry the impossible lid off of a quart of thinner--couldn't do it, had to go in with dirty hands and get another teacher to open the can so I could get partially cleaned up. Today was also a day when two students pulled a fire alarm and we were outside during a good portion of the time I meant to be painting, but since the fire department actually had to come, I could not go back in and get my painting stuff and change my clothes. I didn't think I'd be able to finish before the 4p.m. committee meeting, but we did...

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