Monday, November 5, 2007

I Have A Crazy Outdoor Assignment

I pushed a button and it all disappeared. It is really a voluntary thing and the principal is funding the paint-- But we are painting county highway snow blades in a clever decorative manner as a bit of PR for schools and the highway department. The temperature has dropped a good 30* today and it will drop even more tomorrow. Just in time to paint outdoors! CRAZY. If you haven't looked in recent years, snowplows have radically changed the shapes of the blades. (I know some engineers changed them, they didn't change themselves. Would that be one of those elusive dangling participles I had so much trouble with in high school? I had a lot of danglers, but never quite got what they are without a definition at my side.)) They are a deep C and I will have to lie on the ground and roll paint on them as my knees do not go Indian fashion anymore-- Yikes. It isn't 3:58, it is 7:10p.m.

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