Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spending Money

Years and years ago I bought an inexpensive pair of lamps at service merchandise, as I remember, they were $39 for the pair. ginger jar style, very plain. I came home and went to bed with a migraine. DH asked me if I had ever noticed that when I spent money, I got a migraine. hmmmmm. Today after a little research and a lot of death rattle from the washing machine....I went out by myself and purchased, with my own hard earned $$$, a washing machine that with taxes, extended warranty, delivery and set up and removal of old machine a thousand dollars. OMG. This one will not entail a slight remodel of the kitchen to get it in. I don't have a migraine, a hysterectomy seemed to cure those, but I do feel like having a nervous breakdown. And maybe taking in laundry on the side! It will be delivered next Saturday morning, so no more trips to the laundromat. When my twins were babies, I went to the laundromat every weekend, I took up an entire row of machine with clothes, and two giant machines with cloth diapers. I am not too into the current romance with cloth diapers, but that never has to be my worry again... refer to migraine cure! The good thing for a laundromat is all your laundry is done at once, not load after load. And, really, it is nice to have a very clean well-appointed laundry nearby for such things as chocolate on the down comforter or numerous rugs to wash.

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