Saturday, November 10, 2007

Unexpected YA YA

I drove DH to his glassblowing class and did a little shopping at the new Borders in the gigantic mall. WOW! No wonder they moved. I was shopping for baby books and got some really nice board books and a Baby Einstein CD to add to the bag of clothes I was giving as a gift. Pink is overwhelming when the sonograms say it's a girl. Not enough green and yellow. It took me way longer to get to the shower than I supposed, and I was lost, but only for one left turn. Not a record for me. The house was full of my girl cousins, their grown daughters, various fiances and boyfriends, good friends of the mommy-to-be, and about a dozen children from infant to 8th grade. Most of them looking like their uncles and aunts I had known as children.At least 4 generations of the father-to-be's women family members were there, too. All the third cousins were asking for H, where is he? I am pretty sure the windows would have blown out of that rocking, weeping, laughing house with the addition of one more toddler. A woman walked up the sidewalk and I realized it was a friend of Mom's and Sister's, the tears started, boy was I overwhelmed with missing them. How could Judy be coming up the walk without them trying to show that they were coming up the walk better and faster? I was shocked at my weepiness. It turned out I wasn't the only one this day who shed tears for our missing mothers. The only one not crying was Jessi, looking radiant, just like you hear about. Mandi said she cried for three days after she bought her wedding dress and got one that she swore she would never have, something princessey. She was wearing very high heels today and was taller than me. Her next older sister grabbed me and hung on tight crying because she had just lost another child cancer patient. She is one of those brave people who work in pediatric oncology, she says goodbye to one, and gets another one. I told her she was brave and I know from my sister-in-law that those nurses and doctors who care for the terminal child are so very important to those families.

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Henny Penny said...

i'm sorry we missed it but H was a handful all day and it would not have gone well.