Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey Ya'll

My readers, all 4 of them, will be amazed that I have in the oven right now a Carolina Sonker as seen in Hallmark Magazine, but not so pretty. Since I couldn't find rhubarb to replace the ex-cousins annual treat, I went for three berries-- I haven't made anything like a pie/cobbler since high school. You may all quiver in fear now. I also, at 60.4 found out the difference between defrost and regular on the microwave-- no --no I wouldn't even consider making my own crust, but defrost seemed a little slow. There's a reason for that, and it is great that those crusts come boxed two crusts to a box! I can tell you that the 10 minutes on 450* smells really good and I simply must remember to turn it down after I finish this to bake some more.

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Barking Up Trees said...

nothin' is ever so pretty as it is in the magazine, darlin'... reckon you'll get along anyhow, eh... ?