Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Really Active Day

Today was my last full day with this grading period. We will have a half
day tomorrow with the morning dedicated to a Veteran's Day program. I
will meet with 3 of my 6 classes and they will finish up their work. I
had a boy greet me and tell me he was coming into my class next
week...HOORAY a ray of sunshine, an eager beaver. My exercise class was
cancelled and I got almost all of the rest of my grading done. I
haven't done 8th grade, though. So back to work.

We did have
a really valuable visit today from a very exciting new professor in
reading, she was lively and had lots to share, I found myself wanting
to take a class from her. Someone else said she is always like that and
her student teachers are awesome, I think that means well-prepared.

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