Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Every Day

Six days in and I am already running out of words. This is the second time I have looked up at a blank page when all my typing has disappeared. What's up with that? I have written this twice and lost it. I must be hitting a magic button. I'll just say the lost writing was fabulous!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is actually lost. You can go to edit posts and probably find it as a draft.

blogmom said...

I tried that, it was really gone.

RickAH said...

The first thing to try is press CTRL+Z. You may have to do that several times. Each time will "undo" the last key stroke.

One thing that may cause you to lose everything (assuming you look at the keyboard while you're typing): when trying to enter capitol "A", you press the right CTRL button instead of the SHIFT key. The CTRL-A selects all text. Then the next key you press will wipe out everything.

IF that's the case, the CTRL-Z will undo it.

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