Sunday, November 18, 2007

So Yesterday.....

I went to school and out to the remaining snow plow blade. All night long in my dreams I was painting it one way, but when you are really there, a 60 year old woman of size, but with killer abs-- you can simplify, simplify, simplify. So there is a random pattern of semi-straight bold stripes in school colors and the colors of the high school we feed into. Sound Christmassy? No, I am at heart a separation of church and state person and a lot of the others will be snowmen and Christmas trees, cute even. But I think my 4 ft golden cat's eyes will be looking at snow all winter and will not be so bothered by road chemicals, I even think the county is going to call school and say what is that amazing paint you guys used, it's better than what we use! All that and wallowing around on the ground on a spectacularly beautiful November day, finding out those abs can pull me right up under a snowplow, whoo hoo.
What have I done since? laundry, extreme napping and reading. I also elicited a very strange scream from my washing machine. I think I brought it's life to an end by thinking about what I would want when it dies of old age....grrr

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