Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tomorrow is the Last Day

It is the last day of this 6 week grading period and I will not be sad to see this entire group go on to their next rotation. All day I have kids on the bubble in math, and whatever puts them on the bubble seems to interfere with their development in art as well. I have been slogging for a week and a half, and I only have 6 weeks which isn't enough time, I should be running right up to the wire then letting them go, reluctantly.

Something woke me up at 2:30a.m. and I looked out into the light of the new dusk to dawn light to see the blue eyed dog trying to get into the shop. She was out when I left for work and a neighbor returned her a little later. I had been told that fences really mean nothing to Siberian huskies and this appears to be true.

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