Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tripsit Sittrip

I was pining for the grandson, but he is coming over next weekend so Daddy can can beer--then the call came. "We'd like to go out, could you come over?" Of course. DH
was already sacked out in his boxers with his pint--of Ben and Jerry's-- I threw my blood pressure meds into a bag and grabbed the bag of treats and surprises that builds up around here between visits, books paints, whatever, oh, a Muppet movie--and off we went, yes we. DH hopped into his clothes and joined me. We had about an hour and a half of playtime, grandpa crashed before grandson, and H went to bed in his usual way for me, easily and he slept all night in his own bed, no middle of the night trip to mom and dad's bed. Grandpa and H made their traditional trip to the sugar shack and H was sound asleep when he got back to his home. Another nap!! Wow, two naps in two days. We came on home, got H another pair of shoes on the way home, don't think he'll grow out of them before next weekend. I was forced to turn on the furnace for the first time, it was 63* in here. I know some people keep theirs at 63, but not me, I like 68 or 69. And a message to my dear little brother who occasionally looks at this, I have your towels in a box suitable for mailing.;^)

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