Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dinner with Cousins

DH's cousins are in for a couple of days to visit remaining relatives, old friends and see what is new in town. To hear the improvement of our city through their eyes is actually eye opening. They are seeing it all at once and are impressed. We met at our fabulous Thai restaurant and it got great reviews from them. We sat and gabbed for 2 hours, you don't have to be blood to yaya. I had the eggplant dish that I already knew I loved and haven't had for 2 years. yum. I tried the coconut soup, another yum and we tried two or three appetizers. Their presentation is always so beautiful it nearly requires photographs. DH did not show up, he stayed at the retreat, though he said he was coming. That's ok, I can talk enough for the both of us!

Now I am off the be grandmommy supreme to the boy who thinks I am all that. I have a beautiful book about chameleons from the book fair at school with fabulous color photos and just enough text to enjoy,but not overwhelm. I read one of Walter Dean Myers' book, "A Handbook for Boys", fantastic, not new though,or I would recommend it to Cybils. One of my boys who has a broken arm was reading it in class on Friday, but he gave it back as he said he couldn't read it any further, it was too upsetting to him. I think it is because he lives that life. Nothing is new by the time it gets to the book fair. I am reading a Sarah Weeks book called "SO B It" and it is off to a heart rending start. It is about a girl surviving with her mentally ill mother.

I am off to get a specific sweatshirt for the little grandson then off on the 2 hour drive to see him. I hope my sister was here yesterday to visit the dog, because she had been moved out of her kennel and into the yard and the gate was closed. I had left her in the kennel and the gate was ajar when I went to the movie. I thought it was dh back in town to meet his cousins for dinner, but that was not the case.

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