Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn Days Have Arrived

Last weekend it was 90* at the crossroads of America-- maybe a hundred year record. This weekend it is crisp and cool and normal, but it seems cold going from the 90's to the 50's. I spent a good three hours in two favorite art stores, one favorite bookstore, and in a danish modern furniture store where I realize I can afford some pieces I really like. I can switch from rolling steel kitchen racks holding all our clothes, sheets and tv, to perfectly straight, simple WOOD dressers and the sofas that look so modern and lay down into a bed are nice AND affordable. hmm. I shall think on that for another 3 years. It takes me a long time to make a decision. Yesterday I bought that fabulous pop up dinosaur book that is really a work of art for a mere $10-- won't break my heart when the toddler gets the dinos the worse for wear. I had a great time in the capital city yesterday and DH blew a really nice big platter. It was hair-raising. I sat in the hall and watched, glassblowing is really hot and all those flying twirling puntees scare me a little,(a lot) hence sitting in the hall to observe.

This is my official fall break, extra time to do laundry, maybe even put it away and possible see another movie.

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