Friday, October 5, 2007

I said I Wasn't Gonna Do It Again

But, I think I will drag myself, no wait, hop out of bed in the morning and ride to school again. Tomorrow is a day when a group of our students pick up trash in their neighborhood and some adults are needed to be around to watch things. I have decided that biking around might be just the thing. About the weekend, I am having a bit of a resentment. DH brought a dog into our lives and he is gone all weekend to a retreat. I feel I cannot go where I want to and spend a couple of days cause I have to dog sit. When will we EVER be able to spend a weekend in Chicago again? She has all her shots, so we can board her, but there is no hopping in the car and taking off for two days for me. EEEHH, quit whining and get over it. Can you believe it is near 90* at the end of the first week of October?

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