Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Parade

The parade, which used to be the largest student run parade in the U.S. has deteriorated to one decent float that won all possible prizes just because it existed, and really bad timing, gaps a block or two long and no trains to blame it on. The parade goers stood well into the street, the ushers did not push people back out of the way. And yet, the marching bands still get me all teary eyed. I have missed about 6 parades in 42 years. Today the weather couldn't have been more perfect and my middle school's marching band, dancers and cheerleaders were wonderful. Our permanent float is so cute, our principal was beaming and pulling the float with his truck. Both of the in-city high schools were present, and both looked great and sounded good, too. Something about those flags snapping through the crisp fall air, and the drums.....I also got to stand with my daughter, a former drum major, and we got all ferklempt together as her alma mater marched by in nice new uniforms. Now the university students' energy goes into walking from bar to bar in the direction of the "big game"

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