Sunday, August 5, 2007

That Was Yesterday, This is Today

Today I stubbed my toe on a cardboard box and down I went, turning my little knee bruises from yoga into one nice big bruise. I do think I really bounced nicely from all the weight training and cardio work I have done in the past year and a half! Oh, what caused it? Besides the boxes of goodies we have saved from the landfill, I just got off the phone with the nursing home where my teeny tiny mother-in-law, who is slowly disappearing with dementia, tried to attack her roommate with a pencil. That is not who she was. They have kept her in a room alone because of her recent propensity for violence against roommates, so I don't know what possessed them to put someone in there. I felt for a second they were going to put her out on the sidewalk, but of course, they were making an incident report. I hope they just let her live alone in her room reading books and working crosswords. Yes, she still loves to read and do crosswords.

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