Saturday, August 18, 2007

20 Laps

I did 20 laps non-stop and it either took 30 minutes or 35 minutes, I forgot to look at the clock when I started. I had a mantra--working on one, working on one, working on five, working on you think that is meditating? I think maybe it is. my mind was clear, or empty, however you prefer to see it, except for my mantra. That is why I am so sure it was 20 laps, and yes, I know the difference between laps and lengths. A couple of years ago i could swim one mile in one hour, maybe I can get back to that. My present goal is to swim laps for one half hour before school at least two days a week, maybe three. My face and particularly my left cheek were red and hot by the time I finished. Now I must go try to wear my new flip flop sandal birks for 5 minutes, building up from 5 seconds!

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