Monday, August 6, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch--or Breakfast

After my 90 minutes in the pool, I stopped at my favorite locally owned restaurant for breakfast where a colleague spotted me and we had breakfast together. I had a plan to meet up with another friend at a not so near by metropolis. I didn't call her until I got within two blocks of the house she is general contracting on for her aunt. She wouldn't be there until after the time I needed to get back to town for my exercise class. What could I do? I was forced to go shopping for school. I HATE shopping, but there I was. I got a great parking spot in the new modern all the rage shopping center and went into my favorite national chain fat girls shop. I must say, the gauchos this year are GREAT! I did not get them, if I got paint on them in the course of my job, I would be very upset. I have plenty of pants for that and two new pairs of long shorts with cuffs from wal-mart that are at a paint proof price point. I got several fresh new tops and the new longer t-shirts that are finally coming out. Nothing more uncomfortable than the last couple of years rises combined with the short t's and the worries of THAT combination.

Now I am home writing this and watching something disturbing about identity theft and job loss on blogs......maybe I should pay attention. Then it is off to the hot sweaty gym for me.

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