Thursday, August 2, 2007

Birthday Joy

Yesterday H arrived bringing his mommy with him and about 20 matchbox cars. We prepared a tasty lunch and went to our favorite park about noon. We have a wonderful park with fantastic equipment, but at noon on the hottest day of the year there are no kids, why? They have already figured out the slides are HOT, the spongy ground is HOT the benches are in full sun and HOT. H did meet up with another teacher's 3 sons and they ran and ran until their faces nearly melted, then we cam home to rest, hopefully nap, but at least rest and cool off. The heaps of pillows from Maine are too distracting for naps, you can practically build a castle with them. I thought a little PBS might help, and it was enjoyed, but it riles the boy up for some reason. We went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and over to the baskin robbins for a birthday treat. H was adorable decorated in brilliant blue icing, particularly a perfect circle of blue transferred from the frozen clown treat to his own clown nose! Sleep was hard won as H wanted to go home and sleep in his own big bed, he slept in my extra big bed until about 1:30, when he woke up and realized I was not mommy, whoo-- he is sleeping with her in her childhood room. I may hear little noises up there right now and he is sleeping at least an hour or more longer than usual. And he is missing the fact that a back hoe is hard at work on the closest corner, a dream come true for him. He better get down here before they take a break!


Dondi said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

blogmom said...

thank you so much