Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Teachers Are Silly, Too

We have a new person on our floor and she always brings good smelling things with her to make the bathroom more pleasant. This time she added a desk with a table cloth and a small lace table cloth over it plus a small bunch of artificial flowers. Hey, it is a place to put your things besides putting them on the floor. The team leader dressed up the staff bathroom on the other end of the hall with MORE flowers, lots of green vines, a table cloth, and a framed photo of the team on display. (we are not the only team who uses that bathroom) THEN someone, some mysterious person put in a partition. If you have ever gone to the bathroom and you hear 160 children changing classes and you realize you have forgotten to lock the door, well, you immediately understand the thrill of the partition. Suddenly we hear reports that the 8th grade team upstairs has gone with a theme, a cabin at Christmas theme, with lights in one bathroom and a yellow lagoon--what could that mean--in their other bathroom. This bathroom fever has flown around the building in less than 24 hours and it takes "no child left behind" to a whole new place for teachers' behinds behind a partition. I wonder if the other teams will step up to the stool, how far will it go? At any rate it is fun and there is a lot of laughing even though our high stakes testing starts in the middle of September.


Dondi said...

That is really funny! What a great way to have some friendly rivalry and team building at the same time. Hmm...What could I do at my work to improve things and get the ball rolling on a competition?

blogmom said...

It was really spontaneous and suddenly just turned into the friendly rivalry. It worked better than the dessert making contest arranged by our principal 2 years ago, and that was fun, too. Just not spontaneous.