Thursday, August 9, 2007


This is where I like to get my birkenstocks. I haven't had a new pair in over three years. These are the shoes the podiatrist recommended for my very painful plantar fascitis, and I swear by them. I am CURED as long as I wear them most days of the week. I also shop at to get my Brooks Addictions for severe over-pronation. These shoes keep me pain free most of the time. That said, I got a pair of birks with a thong style because it looks girlie, and believe me, if I can find something for my very large feet that "looks girlie" even a little bit, I am going to snap it up. I have not had something go between two toes in footwear for over 15 years, and I am definitely going to have to break these in. ouch. Tender in there, I used to live in flip flops in the last go round of flip-floppiness, until I realized that most of my ankle pain came from the spongy lack of support that those things had and I swore off. Then, after years of working on cement in flats, I had to move to sensible (possibly ugly) shoes to get through the day. So, no flip flops for me, but I do have a cute skinny strap shoes that can pass as a girl's shoe in any company. This year I am going "back-to'school" with NEW SHOES! remember the thrill? Maybe I should go get a new box of crayola crayons.

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