Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Time Cross Country Scorer

I get a little panicky when I score even the simplest athletic events and I screwed up twice. You are in all this noise with people crowding around wanting to know their times and their parents wanting to know their times and one is receiving numbered sticks from runners and you must get their name and on run on run on sentences.... I got stick one and stick two, BUT there happened to be an unnumbered 1.5. Two girls finished literally 0.001 apart-- so my list was one off from then on. Then the boys, I got all the sticks and names right, but didn't notice the first score was an inch or so higher on the ticket than all the other scores, so I was off again. At any rate, I got it all fixed and I will do better next time.

Then off to dinner at a favorite spot with DH and SIL. it is almost 8:30 and the only thing keeping me up is this writing! Man it's hell turning 60. Truth is I have been like this for several years. At least Ben Franklin would be happy about it.

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