Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Physical, Physical, 72 1/4in

Here is a first, I am just 60, and I am 1/4 inch taller than I ever have been. Is it better posture? Is two days of yoga improving my spine already? I go whew each year that I do not lose height as I know that means my spine is not crushing down upon itself..but taller? The nurse did say she was so short she could hardly reach the stick. But I can tell you, she did get it flat to my head. I was old enough to have the vaccine against shingles, and after having shingles, I gladly take the vaccine. Don't want any more of that, and I caught them early so treatment worked pretty well.

I spent the rest of the day with school friends and their children at one friend's pool up in paradise. It was a lovely relaxing day, the last Wednesday before school officially starts and daily swims stop.

We have had several days with humitures of over 100*, even 110 or 112, so it is HOT and miserable out there, if you are not in a pool of water!

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