Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Movie Summer

I have never been to so many movies in one year. In fact, I may go a couple of years without attending a movie, or I may see one a year. Today I saw "Becoming Jane." I was a lovely gray damp period piece, The sun shone three times, only once bright enough to cast shadows. Ann Hathaway was a wonderful Jane and I think fans of Jane Austen are going to love it, as did I. I spent my youth reading the likes of White Fang, Big Red, Lassie, Beautiful Joe, and many, many, many many horse books, I never picked up Jane Austen, even in college. I looked at Les Miserables and was such a bumpkin I thought why would anyone read a book called less miserables (American pronunciation) I expected to enjoy this movie, and I did, I did not expect to have tears spring into my eyes in the last 5 minutes. See it, and once again, wedding and prom dresses will be empire waisted.

I took "Gossamer" to a restaurant and read it in one sitting. (Lois Lowry) Many of you will know her from "Giver" fame. She is a wonderful writer for human beings. I was very touched and moved by the sweet story she weaves from a place we suspect might exist, and it brings us our dreams. Another emotional work, but this one fiction to top off my day. You could read it out loud to third graders, and 10 year olds would probably love to do it themselves. I love it when literature for children moves me as an adult. This was recommended by my dear friend and mentor who is preparing young people to teach at the University of Wisconsin. Those students probably know how lucky they are. Thanks Tamara.

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