Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Coldest Night

The weatherman had just announced it was 7* when the power went off. I used my cell phone to find an old energy bill and make the call. A courtesy call came back within 10 minutes. "My two guys are busy right now, they'll be out as soon as they finish." Two guys in such cold? I heard a racket at 3:15 a.m. and, by then I was so very glad to have a down comforter, I looked out back and two big trucks were carrying transformers up and down the pole. AHHHH. Shortly the lights came on and the TV blared. I got that off. Relief, then the power went off again. I called the power company every time I woke up to register the lack of power and received no further courtesy calls. I finally became aware of the furnace running at 7 a.m. Later DH told me that the power came back on about 6a.m. He had slept of the sofa because our fabulous bed has some electric features and he cannot sleep sitting up with his feet slightly raised. The furnace ran without stop until 11a.m. this morning. We hardly ever lose our power in this neighborhood, even in bad storms, but I guess a couple of squirrels threw themselves into transformers last night. cell phones make good flashlights and you can just hit send to redial an 800 number instead of having to read it over and over.

I had just about finished a new knit dish cloth for my brother, just a couple of rows to go, so I finished that this morning and am a third of the way into one for my daughter whose cloth sprung a hole in the middle right away. Not sure how that happened. I do these in cotton and they work really well. One thing I learned is that you don't make them nearly as big as a store bought dishrag or they are too big. They also really scrub. I put a couple of thick bands in my brother's to add scrubbing power.

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