Wednesday, January 30, 2008


48* yesterday, 11* this morning. Yeegads. It is 6.30a.m. and I am ready to go to school, but first a word about my felted hats. We felted them last night and it is kind of magical. After a lot of agitation and hot water and a bit of no rinse wool shampoo, the hat suddenly seizes up into felt from a huge HUGE hat fit for a Bill Cosby Fat Albert character. I am very tall and my pre-felted hat loosely came all the way down and covered my shoulders, Now I am not sure what to call it, not being a hat girl much, but it is a thick pretty roll-brimmed hat. Well, they both are. Too bad they are not yet dry, one of them might feel good to wear this morning. Yesterday I completed a tiny little newborn hat in a variegated fingering yarn and I am swearing off that tiny yarn forever although the hat is adorable.

I certainly hope our walkers cover up this morning, they have a tendency to dress lightly in all weather and this morning we have a dangerous wind chill warning.

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