Thursday, January 3, 2008


WOW! what a workout--I got in 45 minutes early and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, the one that actually has resistance, then, since I was alone (embarrassment factor) I decided to try 30 seconds or a minute on the stair climber, expecting to not be able to do it. I made it 5 minutes, then it was lunge and leg night. We did some new things on the floor and I could barely get up, I am slow anyway, but tonight my usual giraffe method of getting off the floor was in slow motion..... I pretty much staggered to the bike for the last 30 minutes of cardio and am feeling some soreness already from the new exercises. Let me tell you about myself, when I first started this class, I couldn't lunge three steps, I could barely maintain my balance, and now, though my lunge is not deep, I do three laps, nine long steps down and nine long steps back = one lap. Even that has changed, the same distance used to be 11 steps, and as my steps have lengthened, it has become 9. One night it was even 8. Tonight I used 8 lb weights instead of 5 that I usually use on lunges. We laid on our backs and did the alphabet with our feet together, my abs were screaming and, I bet by Saturday, they will be a complaint choir.

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