Thursday, January 17, 2008


I now have two hats ready to felt-- I am so excited about it, dear
daughters, If I don't have the nerve to wear them, you will! One is
red, one is peacock, with a little mohair. I will try to make them look
youthful, maybe a little blues-brothery in colorful wool.

Cute preschool story, after my SIL had the misfortune
to hit or be hit by a deer on his way to daycare and work, the
preschooler had a million questions about the poor dead thing, then at
school announced that his Daddy killed Rudolph. Sorry SIL, everyone I tell keels over in laughter.

Tonight is leg and lunge night, and may I say I know I will be staggering out of the building at 5:35 tonight.

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