Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Time No Post

Last weekend was the 3-year old's birthday party held in the Children's Discovery Museum in Bloomington Normal IL near or on the campus of ISU. If you have some little ones around and some time, a few hours, in fact, GO. It is the most fun most interactive museum I have ever been in. It is just the right size, not too big, not too small, and has a climber suspended on guy wires that has children playing in it for literally hours. Large farm equipment seems to be imbedded in the floor for easy access into a tractor and a combine. The entire party walked a block to a little pizza joint that had no tv, hence no Sunday evening customers. Daughter had called ahead and the order for about 22 people was ready when we walked in the door, and that was such a good thing for the toddlers and hungry children ranging in age from 18 months to 7, going on 8. It was something like Michael's, and the windows are boarded up for remodeling on the store front so it doesn't catch your attention, but they have a super Chicago style deep dish, I didn't even try the thin crust. I know it was good, there was hardly a bite left.

Knitting: I completed the basic form of the two hats I am going to felt, but my class was cancelled for this week so next week I will be putting them in proper form. The knit shop provides a washing machine to do this. I have a new super energy efficient washing machine, so I don't think I could do it at home. Maybe I could do it in the dishwasher! I knit a hat in a new yarn, Karaoke soy-silk/wool self striping in very vivid happy colors. I gave it to my team member who is undergoing chemo until spring break and she loved it, her little girls loved it, too. The pattern called for two skeins, and it didn't quite use one skein, so I am making a second one. I started from the center of the yarn this time so maybe the striping will be in a different order. It is just an ordinary little beanie with a knit two purl two rib at the beginning, then knitting in the round for the rest of it. The decreases made a perfect swirl design at the top that looks really cool in this yarn.

My new group of students is working really well already so It is going to be a good 6 weeks with them, and best of all, the 9th hour is charming and willing to work, so I end my day each day on a positive note. I like that. I do not like the last period of the day with myself being crabby it spills over into my evening.

Exercise: We did so much leg work on Monday that I was really walking slowly on Tuesday and crashed very early on Tuesday evening. I wonder what Mike has in store for us tonight? I think it will be continuous motion weights, that's my guess.

Well, gotta go get dressed for school. Later.

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