Saturday, January 26, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Two gals I work with, one just weeks away from her first baby and the other close to the empty nest and I went to see 27 Dresses. What a hoot we laughed so hard so many times. It is a light romantic comedy, quite enjoyable. Mrs J.'s teen daughter and all her friends came in and by coincidence sat right in front of us! So funny because we were very carefully trying not to sit near them if they were there! Oh those teens, can't let us have a minute alone! If you like a delightful chick flick--go see it. I still want to see Juno, but one of us is in the phase of watching "Baby Story" on TLC and weeping, so that was out, we wanted delight, and we got it.

I am a little bit proud of myself this morning, I networked! Hubby of a friend lost his job in the political shakeup around here at an extremely crucial time in their lives, and Chicago daughter has at least half a dozen ideas for contacts for him.. TA DA!

It is still bone shaking cold here, but it is supposed to rise to spring-like temps as early as tomorrow-- from sub zero to fifty-whew, Midwest weather is a roller coaster.

I knitted another hat out of the karaoke yarn yesterday and am making a few cotton dishcloths the dishcloth fairy forgot last year. I am still sitting on the one I made for my brother a couple of weeks ago--hey brother, couldn't find the blue address book the day I was ready! By the way, the free pattern for the hat said two skeins, but each hat took a bit less than one skein. This is a self-striping gaily colored yarn and is it ever nice to handle.

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